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Tired of working hard but not generating the profit your effort  deserves and want help getting your business to the next level?

Looking to scale from 6 to 7 figures (or more) without losing your money, your mind, your family or your house?

Making more sales then ever before but somehow it doesn't seem to be ending up as cash in your pocket?

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An achievable growth plan to increase your personal net worth by at least £1m in the next 3 years and gain a lifestyle of choice?

A structured step by step process proven to help owners of established businesses plan for profit so it doesn't rely on them.

Training, coaching & support from a team of specialists who will roll their sleeves up so you can at last "Make It Happen"?

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To build a robust business you need to work with proven people

We're not business 'Gurus' selling a marketing funnel or peddling a hero's journey. We don't do video selfies from beach side homes! Growing a real business is a serious game requiring the help of serious people.

Our team are specialists in strategy, finance, marketing, sales, operations, people & systems with years of experience in turning around, growing, financing, buying and exiting companies.

In the last 5 years alone, we've worked with over 130 companies in 35 different industries, helping those businesses grow profit and creating more freedom for their owners. 


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Ed Challinor- SmileWorks

"Our company was in a financial mess... the clarity of our accounts was appalling... Shaun took on our problems and diligently solved them... he turned all the mess into order. I now have visibility as a company director, I can link my decisions to performance...  also Shaun is a really caring guy. He really cares about my business and wants us to succeed! Our business has gone from losing money to earning over £20,000 a month! The turnaround has been really dramatic."

Paul- MD, Proactive Despatch Ltd

"I've learned lots and lots... lots of systems and process to put in to reduce our time in the business and our overheads... we now have a firm foundation to seriously ramp up our sales without increasing headcount... we've also managed to get our numbers solid for the first time in a long time."

Dr Nick Gostick, MD, Intropy Ltd

Business Growth Services went a lot further than we expected and put a lot more effort in on our behalf than required. We found they really wanted to help and support our business to be successful.

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