The Double Your Profit Programme©

Fully guided business training to help you 2X your profit, 3X your cash flow and 5X your business valuation in the next 12 months…..or less

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8 Modules:

Step by step guidance to help you double your profit 

Facts based:

Built on 1-4 years of your accounts data


50 bite sized lessons you can complete at your own pace

The Double your Profit Programme© is a finance-based business strategy training course for business owners 

Our eight-week online strategic business training course will show you how to 2x your profits, 3x your cashflow and 5x your business value in the next 12 months… or less.

With our help and support you will step through an approach to organise and systemise your finance process so you know which levers to pull and by how much to create the business you’ve always dreamed of and enjoy the freedom of choice.

It’s fully supported. You’ll get weekly Q&A’s with Business Growth Institute CEO, Shaun Walsh, to keep you on track and to explore and challenge the numbers from your own business.

At the end of the programme, you’ll have your very own strategic Double Your Profit Plan with an achievable timetable that includes a compelling set of KPIs and a proven path for you to follow to secure long-term, sustainable profit.


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Master the money in your business

The Double Your Profit©  finance strategy training course is delivered over eight modules and 50 lessons  - providing a proven profit path for you to follow to understand your numbers, create systems, measure your KPIs, and then sustain your success.

During your weekly Q&A, our CEO Shaun Walsh will be on hand to answer all your questions as well as help you get the most from the resources templates, videos, and tools included in the course saving you time, money and helping you execute faster. 

You’ll benefit from decades of experience distilled into this one course, making it easier than ever for you to generate predictable, recurring profits. All while being fully supported, encouraged and connected with your cohort and BGI experts.

Double Your Profit in 12 months... or less

How to create a profit hypothesis and then understand the actions you need to take in each area of your business over the next 12 months to deliver that profit target.

Establish long-term systems and process

Create systems that allow your business to maximise profit sustainably. That focuses your resource around your profit target.

Understand the numbers with guided support

Connect the pieces that support healthy profits and use our guided step by step process to build an effective finance operation one action at a time.

What’s included?

The Double Your Profit© business growth programme gives you the benefits of our proven approach, the tools you need to execute, plus a strategic FD all with complete flexibility.

You can attend online from anywhere in the world and at a time to suit you. It’s the perfect option for busy business owners who want to save time while still enjoying massive results and major business breakthroughs.

  • Over 50 lessons delivered in bite-sized steps with actionable advice you can start using straight away
  • Full access to the online Double your Profits Programme© 
  • Double Your Profit tool kit 
  • Unlike other business training courses, you get personalised outputs created from the numbers in your business 
  • One-to-one private video calls with our CEO Shaun Walsh
  • Network and connect with the private Double Your Profit Programme© community for extra support, opportunities, success celebrations, and motivation
  • Practical profit strategy templates, frameworks, and tools

Who is the programme for?

Our Double Your Profit Programme© online business course is perfect for business owners and leadership teams of businesses from a few hundred thousand pound turnover up to £10 million or more. In particular, we find it’s most helpful for business owners who are generating at least £50k of profit per year as the changes we recommend for the next 12 months will have a significant positive impact on that number. This is also ideal for business owners that are looking to increase the value of their business in preparation for exit.


How much is the Double Your Profit Programme?

Your bespoke and fully-guided Double Your Profit Programme© is £5,000 (+VAT). Our typical client is already generating tens or hundreds of thousands in profit, so a plan to double that represents a phenomenal return on investment.

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Start in three simple steps:

We like to keep things simple so that we can quickly start helping you. It only takes three steps to get started:

Apply to join the next cohort of the Double Your Profit Programme© using the form below.

You will need to fill in a short application form and then have a call with us – just to make sure that the Double your Profit programme© is right for you.

If you are accepted, we’ll invite you to make payment, enrol you on to our next cohort, and provide access to the online course and community, so you can get started as soon as your course begins.

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Key lessons

We’ve focussed on the most practical things you can do; things that you don’t need you to be an accountant to understand, so you can start getting better financial results in your business very quickly:

  • The 5 shifts you need to make now
  • Build, buy, exit, our approach to creating real wealth
  • Why controlling your business finance is foundational to growing profit and getting what you want
  • Introduction to the financial mechanics of a business 
  • Our report on the financial mechanics of your business 
  • The power of one
  • The differences between direct costs and overheads
  • Setting your targets for the year
  • Fleshing out your targets into a monthly plan for the year
  • Setting up your systems - design, apps and the done for you option
  • How to structure your management reporting to give you the keys to the business
  • What you should get from your management accounts
  • The importance of gross margin
  • How to organise and systemise your finance process
  • Monitoring results with KPI dashboards
  • Getting your plan and reporting processes in place
  • What’s first? The order of priorities - drilling down
  • What are our options to reduce overheads?
  • Maximising the return from your people
  • How to improve direct cost reduction
  • What is your product margin analysis?

Once you are fully in control of your business finances, you can then monitor ongoing results with the plans, reports, and KPI dashboards you set in place.

Step by step, you change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business. Your results improve, your freedom increases, and your opportunities expand.

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