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12 Months:

Optimising every area of your business


Training and support from the BBQ community and our experts

In person:

Quarterly group coaching and accountability deep dives

Online training and in person support to help you create the profitable business you've always wanted

Our Better By Quarter Training Programme© is for business owners that want help gripping each functional area of their business to make change happen.

It has been created to help you not just understand how to manage and grow your business, but to help you and your leadership team to deliver the plan and create a business that grows systematically, with less stress and effort.

You’ll get online access to the full Business Growth Institute approach, models and frameworks along with monthly online support and training with our CEO Shaun Walsh as well as quarterly in person coaching to help you grip the business and make the changes you want stick.


 The BGI Process

Using the whole of the Business Growth Institute Approach with our help you’ll create Firm Financial Foundations and pathfind your way to the future position you want to be in 3-5 years. What this programme is specifically designed to do is help you go from where you are today to that end goal by gripping every component of your business, creating actions and accountability right through your business so the things that need to happen get done.

As part of our quarterly group coaching workshop, together we will run through and share key milestones, challenges and help you stay on track as you navigate your business towards a more profitable future. When you’re in the quarterly management rhythm we’ll help you turbo charge that process, accelerating the execution flywheel so your business scales faster without you needing to work harder.

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Who is this course for?

Business owners who:

  • Have reached a ceiling on scale and profitability
    You know what size, scale and value you want your business to achieve but no matter how hard you work it’s a struggle to get there.
  • Don’t know where to focus
    You have too much on your list, and you’re not sure which areas to focus your own and your team’s time and effort on to deliver the business you want.
  • Are overwhelmed with too many ideas
    There are too many ideas in your head, and you need to focus on what matters first and implement it properly.
  • Are struggling to make the changes you want stick in your business
    You find it hard to drive the the changes you want through your business so that other people are growing your business for you.

You're not alone

I’m Shaun Walsh, CEO of the Business Growth Institute. Having worked with hundreds of businesses from large corporates to entrepreneurial scale-ups, I can definitely assure you that you’re not the only one a bit overwhelmed by this stuff.

Even an enterprise business can struggle to hit a rhythm, balance thinking and doing, and getting the things ticked off each month that actually drive the business forward.

This course is specifically for business owners that want to break through their current ceiling, create a business that works without them being hands on and build towards creating multiple wealth events.

Anchored in a proven methodology

Everything we do at the Business Growth Institute is anchored within our proven frameworks and methodologies, which means that:

  • You’ll know it’s been proven and tested by 100’s of businesses 
  • Our process ensures you can see when and where to focus and how everything connects across your whole business to drive growth, profit and business value 
  • Run by true finance and strategic business growth experts 
Join the Better By Quarter Programme

Every member gets

The full BGI product suite

Access to the full BGI suite of products, toolkits, systems frameworks and processes along with monthly live online coaching with Shaun Walsh to help you and your team embed and execute our approaches in your business.

The Better By Quarter community

Your peers on the Better By Quarter programme will become supporters and friends but will also hold you to account on delivery of your plan. Within the private online community you can ask questions, share advice or learnings as well as get support from each other and the BGI specialists.

Quarterly review sessions

Every quarter we will get together, in person (Covid allowing) as a mastermind group for a whole day and step through plans and track performance. You will also get access to BGI approved specialists running guided workshops across all areas of The Rocket© so you can dial up performance in every part of your business.

How much is it to join?

You can apply to join online today and if accepted the programme is £395 + VAT per month (12 months).

Join the Better By Quarter Programme

How it works

A mix of self-guided learning, peer support, and expert sessions.

Get started...

  • Join the programme and receive your welcome pack
  • Get instant access to the private online community
  • With our team of experts you will step through the BGI onboarding process to understand where your business is today, where you want to get to and what needs to happen to get you there.

Every month...

  • An online group coaching session to get insights on key methodologies 
  • Monthly 1:1 “ask me anything” call with Business Growth Institute CEO Shaun Walsh
  • A different business diagnostic focused on a specific area of The Rocket©

Every Quarter...

  • In person 1 day mastermind group coaching

  • Deep dive into your quarterly progress, support and accountability for your actions

  • Expert-led workshops on specialist topics - from across The Rocket© 

Always there

  • Vault of products, templates, diagnostics, and resources
  • Forum for key methodology questions
  • A private online community for support, advice and celebration with your peers and the Business Growth Institute experts.
Join the Better By Quarter Programme

The Better By Quarter training programme isn’t for everyone

This course is for business owners that are ambitious and that want to drive operational and functional changes in their businesses to create a systemised and profitable machine.

If you haven’t had your personalised Profit Mechanics Report© then we’d recommend starting there, Better By Quarter members enjoy 50% off, as that forms the foundational approach and methodology that underpins how we organise activity in the Better By Quarter training programme.

There are typically two types of people who get value from this 12 month coaching programme:

  • Business owners who want to build a more systemised business but that is already generating a minimum of £50k of profit per year. 
  • Business owners looking to increase the value of their business in preparation for exit in the next 2-3 years.

Whichever of these you are, we’ll help you make your ambitions a reality - effectively, consistently, and with strategic expert support. Leaving you to finally enjoy more money, more time, and less stress.

Join the Better By Quarter Programme