Our approach

After decades of helping business owners make their business work for them, we've developed a structured and systematic approach to sustainable and profitable business growth. It means our clients can enjoy a life of freedom and choice.

Build, Buy, Exit. 

We start by mapping our clients objectives against the three critical phases needed to create wealth and the freedom of choice; Build, Buy and Exit.

We help our clients to first build a business that isn't reliant on them, freeing them up to buy more assets that diversifies income and increases net worth. We are always planning towards an ultimate structured and efficient exit from those assets that creates a series of liquidity events.

We help clients who are at every stage of this lifecycle; whether starting out or looking to liquidate we can help you build the business and life you want. 

Build Buy Exit
The Business Growth Institute Process

The BGI Process

The Business Growth Institute has a long history of working alongside many of the UK’s most ambitious small business owners to support them on their journey to accelerate profit and cashflow.

We have learned a lot and have distilled these insights to create The BGI Process.

Our process helps business owners take the vision of where they want to get to, articulate that into a strategy of what needs to happen and probably most importantly, drive those actions  out to the business to who will deliver them and how they will delivered. We call this Gripping The Business and it’s how business owners become empowered to step away from the doing and instead begin to operate like a CEO at the centre of their business, pulling the levers and driving the outcomes they want across each area of their business.

The BGI process will help you:

  • Assess your current financial capability and build the Firm Financial Foundations your business needs to deliver sustainable profit and cashflow and ultimately the business value you want.
  • Understand where each area of your business is today identifying critical strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify where you want to get to in terms of scale, profit and business value in the next 3-5 years
  • Create an action plan with your leadership team to map out what needs to happen to take your business from where you are today to where you want to be
  • Grip every component of your business with agreed KPIs, accountability and regular meeting cadence to drive change through your business
  • Monitor, control and adjust strategy and tactics to keep your business moving towards the profit, cashflow and business value target that you want. 

If you’d like to unlock your business’s full potential and create the business you’ve always wanted then we have a number of ways you can work with us.

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Any problem in a business can be fixed, if you're making profit.

Every business is unique and every market is different, but after working with hundreds of businesses in almost every sector, the number one thing to get right are your numbers. Specifically profit and cashflow. 

It's why the foundational step of our Rocket diagnostic framework is finance and cash generation because when you plan for profit, you are truly on the path to sustainable growth and the freedom that you want.

Want to start planning for profit?

Our Financial Mechanics Report© is the first step to understanding how the Financial Mechanics of your business works and how you can adjust each of the Seven Core Drivers of Profit, Cashflow and Business Value© to create a plan to Double Your Profit in the next 12 months... or less.

Learn about the Financial Mechanics ReportĀ©